11 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell It

  1. What would we do without coffee? The latest craze here is a Turmeric Latte – I usually drink my coffee black but I had to try it and I did enjoy it :).

  2. I never really drank or enjoyed coffee until about 3 or 4 years ago. I’ve grown to enjoy it – especially the aroma.

  3. Pure and strong for me. Never want to minimize flavor by adding cream and/or sugar and/or whatever. One fond memory among many. So enjoyed early morning coffee and great one on one conversation with my mother-in-law. Thanks Ruth.

  4. I remember trying to like coffee in college – and hated it. I tried again in my mind 20s, and hated it still. I revisited it in my 30s – still hated it. Yet in the past 2 years I have grown fond of it. Perhaps something “magical” occurred around 40? Who could say….

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