at Bleecker & Christopher Street and a SUBWAY mosaic 

SUNDAY AFTERNOON- I photographed the dogs as a we waited on the corner for the family to return from visiting  the Statue of Liberty.

ALTHOUGH back in the Burgh tonight, I’m posting a few more NYC photos. 

Hemingway is the three year old Airedale.   C47704FD-028B-473C-AA13-86FE358F4A16

I’d taken a subway mosaic at 42nd Street Station of am Airedale.


13 thoughts on “DOGS in NYC

  1. Welcome home Ruth. Thank you for taking us along on your journey to NYC. It is said that dogs adopt the appearances and characteristics of their owners. We think it is the other way around. The Airedale reminds us of Murphy. We are not sure how or where you found a likeness in mosaic. You have a great eye and seem to notice things that many people like orselves miss.

  2. Living in the country one forgets just how many dogs are in the city and that they thrive and are loved. Thank you for the post. Love the pictures

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