Brothers Reed House Concert Weekend Pittsburgh PA

Early Saturday Morning, The Brothers Reed, Phil and Aaron, and their friend and cameraman Daniel hit the road for a Saturday night gig in New York City. The brothers from southern Oregon and Daniel in from L.A.

Friday night the brothers played a House Concert at my home. An enjoyable evening of great music, shared with good friends.

Their mom’s high school friend drive down a couple of hours from Erie for the concert.

I’d hosted the Brothers in May 2016, too.

in Photo below-Marc Reisman sat in on a bluesy number, playing harmonica.

Daniel at work filming for a documentary he’s creating.

Earlier in the day we drove around the city. I gave Daniel and Phil an abbreviated tour of the city. I blogged the flooded rivers yesterday. Here’s Phil by Duquesne Incline up on Mt. Washington.

by PNC park and the Allegheny River. Bill Mazeroski statue above with Daniel taking photos.

You can listen to their music and see the tour schedule on their website.

6 thoughts on “Brothers Reed House Concert Weekend Pittsburgh PA

  1. I have enjoyed the music of The Brothers Reed both times they performed in your home. I hope they’ll come again someday. Everything about their performance — music, stories, personalities, demeanor — is appealing and makes for a most enjoyable evening.

  2. Quite a story …. Oregon, Pitsburgh. New York! Your house looked beautiful for the concert !!! XO

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