Mother’s Day Greetings

In the ongoing effort of cleaning up the third floor earlier this week, I found a stash of postcards and greeting cards, some handmade by my kids, written or scribbled upon and saved. Saved by me cause I couldn’t bear to pitch them. Even a dot matrix computer printer card, made by the kids for me. A folded page of Murphy the Airedale’s inky footprints before any of the grandkids arrived and then I found a card with the addition of “baby” when Anna was expected.

Numerous photographs, too.

Happy Mother’s Day greetings, a partial collection.

Me as a young mother of 3 in 1983Me with the kids on way back to Germany in 1985 at Christmas after Aunt Bobbie’s wedding in Kansas City.

My mother as a grandmother holding Mark in 1977, Fort Knox, KY

Christmas 2017. Me with five of my grandchildren

Finding my place in the world of motherhood.

29 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Greetings

    • Thank you Peter. I’ve been tackling cleaning my third floor/ attic and found all those mother’s day cards. That’s just a sampling. Lots of previous memories is right. Went by in a blink as I look back.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Ruth. Your children and grandchildren have a loving mother and grandmother in you. Enjoy your special day with love and appreciation from us.

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  2. Especially loved the dog prints. We, too signed our animals’ names while waiting to expand our family with a two legged family member. Love seeing your family through the years.

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  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Ruth! You are a wonderful, loving mother to all three of your children and a doting grandmother to all six of your grandchildren. They are so lucky to have you. Have a happy day!

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  5. It was a treat to see the younger McGrath siblings in Germany- fond memories. Your Mom was so special and I was touched to see the photo of she and Mark.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Ruth.

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