Sunset Captured in the School Windows

Sunset captured in the school windows.  A six word Saturday today. From the archives.

One of the nights when you stay late for the band concert, you’re in the parking lot and you see the sunset, captured in the school windows.

Sunset Reflected in School Windows

The final Weekly Photo Challenge was issued Wednesday.  All Time Favorites.

Stay tuned for the gallery of all time favorites


19 thoughts on “Sunset Captured in the School Windows

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  2. You jogged my memory. I remember an essay challenge in college. We were challenged to write a story using no more than 10 words in a sentence. Not easy. You did good. I am always amazed by your ability to capture reflections. Your puddle photos come to mind. This sunset is especially beautiful.

  3. What a lovely sunset reflection in the windows. Must have been a fiery sky. Very creative take too. Hope the band concert was lovely and went well 🙂

  4. How awesome! The colors are amazing and the reflection’s a wonderful amplifier of them. If you zoom in and look at the cloud that’s closest to the middle pine tree as well as 2nd to the farthest left one and goes almost to the reflection of the farthest right tree, it very distinctly resembles an eye. That was a well thought-out shot, well done🙂

  5. Beauty lurks in unexpected places – we only need to be awake and aware enough to recognize it. So glad you do.

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