Artist at Work: Stephen Hankin

Artist Stephen Hankin, painting at The Frick, Pittsburgh. Although I interrupted his concentration, he graciously allowed me to photograph him at work. Said I could blog him, too.  And here I was wondering what I’d photograph after the People at Work Show was over.  If you live in Pittsburgh or plan to visit and would like to tour his studio (where he has 180 paintings on the walls) you can contact him stephenhankinart(at)gmail(dot)(com)02D3824D-E528-4054-8678-70E2B759C6B906FD85EF-B8D5-4300-B855-6F433C9ECDE1CF4FC959-EC20-468A-9EAD-824089FCA3D110FF63AC-26BE-449C-8597-E75EFE472196The front of his card shows his studio with paintings on the walls.

8 thoughts on “Artist at Work: Stephen Hankin

  1. After working on the Grounds Crew at The Frick for a number of years I know exactly where he is standing. I am thinking that he is painting the restaurant building. People paint there often. Sometimes you see a number of people at one time. I have not been there for quite awhile. The grounds look good. Then again they always do. His studio is so bright and colorful. He must be good.

  2. The pictures aren’ downloading v well – not your site, just a v slow connection here – so I can’t enjoy them in their entirety, but the green is gorgeous, especially after the parched earth in southern England.

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