Interesting Sign Across River in Millvale

A six word Saturday.

I’ve not seen one of these before but they make a lot of sense.

This one in front of the police station.

9 thoughts on “Interesting Sign Across River in Millvale

  1. Wow! Seems like an excellent way to prevent crime. I’ve never seen a sign like that or heard about a sign like that. And I live in California. It just shows that Millvale is ahead of California! 🙂

    • Thanks Ken. I just looked up “Offer Up” a mobile app based selling platform, emphasizing safety and ethical practices and partnering with local law enforcement. Safer than a Craig’s List or EBay transaction because of the format and trust measures. It’s not just in Pittsburgh.
      Thanks for taking time to write and encouraging me to see why Millvale is on the cutting edge!

    • Hi Jo. I did some research and it’s a mobile app based platform called”Offer Up”for buying and selling that emphasizes trust, Ethical practices, and safety. It’s in front of the police station and transactions are video recorded to ensure safety. You’ve heard horror stories about Craig’s List luring innocent people who think they are making a purchase. This puts measures in to keep buyers safe from predators.

  2. I have used OfferUp to buy 2 items locally and I sold an item to a lady in California. It works. Look the site up on-line and there are pictures and prices. Interesting!

  3. I have also not seen one of these before. About 10 years ago when internet purchases were just beginning to become a ‘think’, the local police department offered their lobby as an ad-hoc meet up spot. Once the volume increased on that, they nixed the idea.

    • This Offer Up platform seems a good and safe concept. I can see why they had to nix the lobby idea. Must have been nuts.

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