10 thoughts on “Replacing the Train Boards At Grand Central Terminal

  1. I like to call this kind of photograph an “odometer reading.” That is to say, it captures an interesting moment such as when the odometer in the car changes from 99,999 to 100,000. It represents a significant moment that can be fleeting, easily missed if one is not present in the moment. I love it!

    • Thank Russell for your apt description of this type of photo. I’m going to remember your words.

  2. I like discovering minute details in your photos. You know, like searching for Waldo. I noticed the children in the lower right hand corner. You can hardly see them. They are staring skyward at something. They seem to be amazed. I wonder what it is….

  3. It makes me a bit sad to see this change; these electronic boards, which functional, lack the spirit of the rest of the station. 🙁

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