Size Makes a Difference

If you are going to knit a pair of slippers you plan to felt after knitting, it’s imperative you use the same size knitting needle.  Hmmmm.

Would have been good to follow this important advice.    Oops.   One knit on size 11s  (8mm) and one knit on size13s (9mm)    Plan to knit another mismatched pair so I’ll gave two pairs to gift.  Maybe for next Christmas?

I used double strands of 100% wool by Shepherd’s  Wool  from Michigan Bought in Millvale at my LYS – McWalker Yarns.

Put slippers in a pillowcase or mesh bag.


Throw in a pair of blue jeans to help agitate the slipper in the machine.

And here’s the result


Multiple Factors Affect the Size of Your Knitting

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