A Real Nail Biter. I Dropped 3 Stitches

We were watching the Super Bowl Sunday night.

Kansas City came from behind and beat San Francisco. It was a very exciting game and knowing family in Kansas was rooting for them, swayed our cheering for Patrick Mahomes and Coach Andy Reid, too.

I was knitting a sock. In all the excitement I dropped 3 stitches at various intervals and had to get up and move into a stronger light to pick them back up.

Heres what I photographed on a Thursday, January 30.

Posting this plate of the state of Kansas to honor the winners of the Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs.

This vacation plate is on sale in Ayla’s Acres No- Kill Animal Rescue Thrift Shop  on King Street in St Augustine, Florida.

7 thoughts on “A Real Nail Biter. I Dropped 3 Stitches

  1. From someone like me who rarely watches football, even I enjoyed this close game. I, too, rooted for Kansas City. Sorry about those dropped stitches. Love the plate; I like these plate collectibles that are artsy, kitschy and historic.

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