Anniversary Gold

Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank celebrated 50 years of marriage on Saturday September 12th.  Happy Anniversary.   

Today I went up to their home above the Monongahela River and photographed them with the decorations their daughters had put up on Saturday.  Here is Debbie photographing the happy couple in front of the mantel today.



And here is the 1956 Chevy Bel Air Uncle Frank painted  He calls it Anniversary Gold. He renamed the paint color to commemorate the anniversary.He is a master of restoring Vintage cars.




A photo with masks on to remember Pandemic Times.





Here’s a beautiful card her sister Marlene sent. (Marlene and I share four grandchildren)




  September 12, 1970

Happy Fiftieth Anniversary Linda and Frank


Here’s a photograph from a family wedding with Debbie and Kim

15 thoughts on “Anniversary Gold

  1. Happy Fiftieth Anniversary Linda & Frank. You make a beautiful couple and it is always so nice to see people reach this milestone. Wishing you both many more years of happiness. Beautiful job on the restoration of the 1956 Chevy Bel Air!

  2. Congratulations on your 50th Anniverary!!! I was married on Sept 12th , too! LOVE all these wonderful
    photos. You’re not Steelers fans by any chance ……the balloons??!!! 🙂 Beautiful living room, beautiful
    car and beautiful couple!!!! Many more happy Anniversaries!!!!!

  3. Oh wow – inspired to see their smiles and the huge anniversary !
    Also – good idea to have the mask photos – it does Grab history – and the Car is fun. Set wishes to them in the years to come

  4. Congratulations to Linda and Frank ! Such a lovely family photo above.
    Linda is Rockin that wedding dress !!!!!-

  5. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations. Always great to see smiles and happiness. Re: the 56 Chevy. You will not find an opening for gas on the body. It was hidden behind the driver’s side tail light. You pulled a lever and the tail light opened. I was always amazed at this feature. So there you go.

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