Our Grandmother Made This

My sister sent me this photo of the doily our paternal grandmother made. It sits on a chair at my sister’s home. Years ago, I’d stitched it onto the solid fabric pillow.

It’s a good way to display an old fashioned hand crocheted doily. The shape suggests it was to protect the chair back where your head would rest.

Certainly we’ve spent a lot of time at home this past year.

16 thoughts on “Our Grandmother Made This

  1. Love the way you stitched the daily to the pillow, it’s a great way to stabilize and still use the needlework. I know that I cherish the sewing and knitting done by family members.

  2. What a beautiful doily, it looks great on the pillow. She did a beautiful job crocheting the piece with all the intricate design. Another beautiful keepsake item to cherish !

  3. A few years ago I framed dollies my grandmother brought from Germany for my family. I thought it would be a nice heirloom for them.

  4. I have one similar that my mother made. I remember growing up with antimacassars (doilies) on backs of chairs and sometimes on the arms. Always needed straightening. Once, when I visited my sister, her young daughter told my husband that they were there “so people’s greasy hair don’t mark up the sofas”. At the time my sister had new blue velvet loveseats and she must have explained it that way to her little ones.

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