Lightning Scars on the Maple Tree’s Trunks

Sunday afternoon, I was north of the city, picking up a finished T-shirt quilt for my son’s birthday, but that’s another post. While we chatted in the front yard, I admired the beautiful plantings of bleeding hearts in bloom and giant leafed hosta plants, Lisa told me her enormous three-trunked Maple tree (sadly), has to be taken down. Cut down before, as one arborist consulted said, before it came down into her living room. The tree has been struck by lightning several times. She pointed out the scars from the lightning strikes. I’d never seen this phenomenon before.

Like a snake climbing up the trunk

7 thoughts on “Lightning Scars on the Maple Tree’s Trunks

  1. Such a beautiful tree that still produces smaller branches with green leaves. Our sweet gum in the back yard probably has the same fate. We will miss it as it was planted 30 years ago.

  2. It’s my tree….I love this tree….I asked for 3 arborist opinions before finally agreeing that it needs to go. It’s about 10 feet in front of my front door, and all 3 agreed that it will end up in my house.

    Fortunately, I have a son who loves wood working. He will get LOTS of blanks from this one! Trying to decide what he can make for my house so I still have my tree with me!

  3. So sorry to see this beautiful old tree has to come down. Luckily your son is handy and can make something beautiful for you.

  4. We have a LARGE cherry tree in our back yard, and we had to have one of the largest portions of it taken down last year, as it was threatening to fall on our roof (the weight of the branch was simply too much for the tree to sustain any longer). And it was a very sad (and rather emotional) day.

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