Lone Shoe-Guest Blog

Today’s post is number 4,446.

It’s alway satisfying to receive a photo and the sender says they thought of me when they took it.  This photo was sent by my SIL Bobbie in Kansas City.

Bobbie says.

I took a photo of this lone shoe, seen during my regular early Saturday morning walk.”

These photos are great writing prompts…..

7 thoughts on “Lone Shoe-Guest Blog

  1. Now they have a reason to get a new pair of shoes. The question remains why do we always see just one shoe left behind, lol

  2. A very good writing prompt indeed. And always a mystery as to how a person doesn’t notice they have lost one of their shoes…

  3. It’s amazing how a simple lone shoe can spark our curiosity and imagination. Bobbie’s photo indeed makes for a fantastic writing prompt.

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