Kids Love These Pop It Fidget Toys

Stress Reliever Pop It toys are everywhere.

There are many brands. All shapes, colors and sizes. I learned sales really took off during Pandemic times. I’m sure many adults like pushing the bubbles, too.

To me, the pushing the silicone bubbles isn’t quite as satisfying as popping actual bubble wrap (in my opinion) but definitely quieter.

Kids don’t seem to mind the silicone version at all. In fact, it’s a total craze! They love them.

9 thoughts on “Kids Love These Pop It Fidget Toys

  1. I’ve popped many a Pop It — in many shapes, colors and sizes. And I’ve lost many a Pop It race. With a seven year old. But truth be told, I like them.

  2. These are definitely all the rage. Our 7-year-old granddaughter has several and she loves them. Like you, I get more satisfaction out of popping the air bubbles on bubble wrap. 🙂

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