Did You See a Movie in a Theater This Year?

Did you see a Movie in a theater this year? December is a month full of new releases. Many families celebrate the holiday season by going to the movies. With streaming at home readily available, movie theater attendance has declined over the years. Here’s an article from January 2022 telling how movie attendance is below historical norms (quotes are from article)

  • “U.S. adults saw an average of 1.4 movies in a theater in the past 12 months”
  • 61% of Americans have not attended a movie in a theater in the past year”

I have friends who are regular moviegoers? I used to see a lot of movies in the theater but since the pandemic, I can count on one hand. Once.

14 thoughts on “Did You See a Movie in a Theater This Year?

  1. Yes! I have seen a movie in a theater this year. I attend the movies regularly. I see a movie almost every week, and I’ve seen several really good movies this year. I saw The Fabelmans this week and I loved it,

  2. No I haven’t. It’s not like the old days when you and your BEST FRIEND shared a carefree afternoon at the movies. gcr

  3. I have seen one in-theater movie since start of pandemic. But I do love to go to the movie theater and eat the disgusting yet addictive popcorn.

  4. We have seen many movies in the theater this year. More than 10. Quite often we are the only ones there. Only two had a full theater, waconda and the chosen.
    Love the big screen!

  5. We have not. We took advantage of senior specials and enjoyed going to the theater. Not over the past year though.

  6. Too expensive anymore and of course, then there was covid. We went to the movies once in the last several years. This summer we saw Top Gun Maverick and we did enjoy it. Otherwise, no movies for us.

  7. My husband and I see a movie in the theater about once every 5 years or so. We aren’t really “TV/movie watching” kind of people – and wowzers is it expensive to go!

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