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The geographical center of Ohio- Centerburg. Granddaughter Maura was on the right side of the car in the back seat on the way to Kenyon College to watch Michael and Jack’s swim meet. Maura was able catch a pic the sign as we drove by. Mark said there’s an identical sign on the other side of town and he’d like to know where the specific coordinates (of the exact center of Ohio) are located! It’s the town where fictional character Homer Price is from if you ever read Robert McCloskey’s books. My sixth grade teacher read it aloud to us. I remember the donut machine.

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  1. The geographic center of Florida is located in Hernando County, 12 miles NNW of Brooksville. Once I get thru reading all of your previous blogs, while keeping up with the current postings I will submit my application to JEOPARDY! DC

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