Sifting Through a Junk Dish

You might have an actual junk drawer.  I do.  This glass dish accumulation is on a smaller scale. The items need to be evaluated and most of them discarded.

An old eraser, the end of the curtain rod, Canadian coin, a single earring, perfume sample, a button from a blouse long gone, a knotty necklace chain, a pink polished rock, a rubber stamp square, a game token, a tiny key and an ivory brooch. I need the curtain rod piece. The rock can go in the dish of polished rocks I have on my desk in the hall. Maybe I have the other clip-on earring.

8 thoughts on “Sifting Through a Junk Dish

  1. I have a tray on our coat rack. I needed a cap for my tire valve. I looked in the tray and there it was. I find bolts, nuts, washers, and the like that I pick up while walking. They are in the tray along with small change, safety glasses and more. Point being…I get it….

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