Steel Works View from Outlook Drive

Edgar Thomson Steel Works in Braddock PA as viewed from Outlook Drive in West Mifflin.

You can see the George Westinghouse BridgeThe reinforced concrete open-spandrel deck arch bridge has a total length of 1,598 feet (487 m) comprising five spans“

5 thoughts on “Steel Works View from Outlook Drive

  1. Thanks for posting this photo, Ruth. It brings back some great memories. I went to Pitt from 1965 through 1969, and every summer while I was in college, I worked at one of the steel mills in Pittsburgh. I worked for Jones and Laughlin Steel, mostly at the Hazelwood plant on Second Avenue. That plant was huge – a couple thousand feet long and it employed several thousand workers. When I returned to Pittsburgh for my 20th high school reunion in 1985, the entire plant had been closed.

  2. Awesome picture! Of interest is an amazing tour of the Carrie Blast Furnace in Rankin. This tour, through Rivers of Steel, is a guided tour of the the Carrie Furnace National Historic Landmark, and the site’s technology, it’s workers, and their culture. Built in 1884 and operated until 1982. Well worth it!!

  3. That picture was what Pittsburgh was all about. The steel city and the city of bridges.

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