My College Friend’s Son (and his team- ALL ARE KINGS) Created an iOS Game

If someone said to me, “create an iOS  game”, I would not now where to begin.  I received an email (Homer, Alaska) from my friend Lisa and her husband Dave, telling me about their son’s team’s new game Forerunner.  I went and downloaded and it is a woman who is the runner.  I played it and only got a few torches lit so my score will not be listed here but I liked the graphics, the fast pace and found it visually appealing. I am also into young people following their dreams and accomplishing goals.  I think that is admirable.  Determination and discipline are two characteristics I know were necessary. Anyway I asked Christopher if he would like me to blog the news of Forerunner’s Debut and so here he is today’s guest blogger, right under my photo of the game.

The screen of Forerunner on my iPhone, resting atop my bag of knitting.

“Hey this is Chris from All Are Kings.  We’d like to take a moment to talk about our new iOS game, Forerunner.  As much as it is a normal game with running, jumping, and collecting coins, Forerunner is also project about color and contrast.  We chose a silhouette style with bright, monochromatic backgrounds for maximum visual impact.  The player explores five different worlds, each with its own color and theme.  The game is free with six levels and an endless “run-forever” mode, but you can unlock all 25 levels for 99 cents.  Thanks!”

The Story:

It is the end of an age, and the world is in decline. Only the revitalizing power of the phoenix can make it new again. A lone runner is sent on a holy mission; to light the fires of 25 sacred shrines littered across the five lands. Only when all the fires are lit can the phoenix be summoned and the world remade.

“It’s like Aladdin meets the Olympics,” – playtester comment 

A shot of All Are Kings- will add photo credit when I learn who shot the group

About Us

Developer: All Are Kings

Balraj Basi, Chris Ellington, Jarrett McKenna, Justin Nichols, Remi Storms, Jared Wuerzburger

“We are an independent development team. We originally met as students, and our origins range from Mexico to Alaska. After working contract gigs at game studios such as Relic and Electronic Arts, we came back together and decided to take a risk. Forerunner is our first game as a group. We are excited to share it with the world, and hopefully make a little money.”

You can download FORERUNNER  by clicking here. Play it and then write a review.