The Towel, the Apron, the Cake, the Robe, the Afghan, the Flowers

Laura’s getting married. And it’s fall. Was it ever damp and cold today but inside a lot of warmth and love. Some of the people who attended met her when she was six years old (when we moved to Pittsburgh)

We ate Baked Orecchiette with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Salad. Bread. Spinach pie and fresh fruit. A cake with fresh raspberries from Jean Marc in Millvale PA. Flowers from Joan’s garden. Donna D crocheted the afghan which Laura wrapped up in after she opened it. Little jars of spice from Pennzey’s for favors. Mary put them on the Lazy Susan like a wedding cake. Joanne in Omaha recommended the organza bags to hold the spice jars. It was a happy celebration with friends and family. Aunt Mary made it possible with all her hard work. Taking her to the train to NYC in the morning before school. It was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends sharing our excitement. My heart is full! The Royal Wedding Towel from Aunt Mary got a good response. The flower girls were a big help with the presents and trash, too!