The Towel, the Apron, the Cake, the Robe, the Afghan, the Flowers

Laura’s getting married. And it’s fall. Was it ever damp and cold today but inside a lot of warmth and love. Some of the people who attended met her when she was six years old (when we moved to Pittsburgh)

We ate Baked Orecchiette with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Salad. Bread. Spinach pie and fresh fruit. A cake with fresh raspberries from Jean Marc in Millvale PA. Flowers from Joan’s garden. Donna D crocheted the afghan which Laura wrapped up in after she opened it. Little jars of spice from Pennzey’s for favors. Mary put them on the Lazy Susan like a wedding cake. Joanne in Omaha recommended the organza bags to hold the spice jars. It was a happy celebration with friends and family. Aunt Mary made it possible with all her hard work. Taking her to the train to NYC in the morning before school. It was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends sharing our excitement. My heart is full! The Royal Wedding Towel from Aunt Mary got a good response. The flower girls were a big help with the presents and trash, too!

17 thoughts on “The Towel, the Apron, the Cake, the Robe, the Afghan, the Flowers

  1. What an exciting time for Laura (and James too). Great memories of her when she was very young in Kentucky and now a beautiful woman. Where does time go? Everything looked perfect for the occasion and you even included a pie (even if it was a spinach pie). Mary and are happy for all of you.

  2. Ruth it could not have been a more beautiful shower. I feel honored to have been apart of it. Thank you for that. Much love for the happy couple. Yes, she did grow up fast, and she grew up well : )

  3. What a lovely shower! Can;t believe I’m one of the women that first met Laura when she was six you’re right it was a blink
    that she has grown up and now ready to get married! You are truly blessed.

  4. What fun for ALL of you! Ruth, the photos of the shower are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a great celebration! As always, Ruthie, you had a lovely repast for all to enjoy! Laura is all grown up … and we are getting older! Scary! What a beautiful bride she will be next month.. can’t wait! Thanks for continuing to include me in the family celebrations… I have been there from your Pittsburgh Beginnings on Howe Street and keep you and your kids close in my heart!

    • Thank you for your nice comment today. It was a lot of work digging out of clutter in the dining room to be able to entertain again after a few years hiatus. Serious clean out. Took a break from the Keep or Pitch blog and just started to pitch! Necessary. My plan is to entertain and give dinner parties throughout the winter after the wedding, now that it is all tidied up and welcoming. Thanks again.

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