Guitarist Shohei Toyoda Plays at Scottie’s Coffee and Tea House on High Street in Worthington OH

Saturday night.  Where we ended up after driving around the city, and dinner out with James (my SIL2B) and my sister Mary in from NYC to visit the family in Columbus. Mark and Erika had gone out and had a sitter so we went out, too.   Cocoa and coffee, lemon poppyseed  cake and finger-picking acoustic music we enjoyed so much that Mary bought 2 CD’s, one for Matthew in Croatia and one for James, who picked this spot to round out our evening together.  Scottie’s Coffee and Tea House was a welcoming venue and the live music was a bonus.  Shohei Toyoda played well to an appreciative crowd, lots of energy and enthusiasm and lively music.  Great sound. Played some of his own compositions and they were quite good.   I asked him if I could blog him during the break and he agreed.

Live Music

Sitting with family
sipping a hot drink.
Listening to live music.
Makes for a satisfying
Saturday night.

He ended with a cool rendition of Classical Gas