Cafe du Monde Beignets New Orleans (click 2 c pic)

Sunday morning in New Orleans.  Worth the short wait in a line for a seat at a table.  One order is three warm beignets.  Accompanied by Cafe au Lait.  It is traditional.  It is delicious.  Everyone is ordering and eating them, piled on a tiny plate, covered with powdered sugar.  You start your day in New Orleans honoring the necessary tourist ritual and are fortunate you are with a New Orleansean who knows where to park!CafeauLaitBeignets

4 thoughts on “Cafe du Monde Beignets New Orleans (click 2 c pic)

  1. Hey Ruth,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Nice blog, yourself, btw! And, Cafe Du Monde is amazing…wish I was there now! 🙂


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