Traditional King Cake for Mardi Gras

The King Cake tradition is thought to have been brought to New Orleans from France in 1870.” Wikipedia   


This King Cake created at the Party Cake Shop in Brookline on the Boulevard where I got the Paczki last Thursday.

Here is a Traditional New Orleans King Cake Recipe made with yeast .- a brioche like dough

Random Bride & Skateboarders- Jackson Square NOLA

June 2009. Jackson Square in the Heart of the French Quarter.


Bride making her way to a photo shoot with her bridal party
Random bride headed for photography session with wedding party...just a quick shot.


Meyer the Hatter on St. Charles Street- Men’s Hats(2 photos)

The South’s largest hat store-Meyer the Hatter.  Every time I walked by I was drawn to it.  The display of hats triggered memories of my grandfather, my father, all sporting hats. And women wore hats, too, a little net veil with velvet dots, a pillbox with combs, a wide brim.  Just thinking about hats and who buys them, wears them now.  Hat boxes with a twisted thick cord to carry, stored high on a  closet shelf.  Who remembers hat-wearing?

Meyer the Hatter Exterior at Night New Orleans
Meyer the Hatter Exterior at Night New Orleans
Hats on display at Meyer the Hatter
Hats on display at Meyer the Hatter

Cafe du Monde Beignets New Orleans (click 2 c pic)

Sunday morning in New Orleans.  Worth the short wait in a line for a seat at a table.  One order is three warm beignets.  Accompanied by Cafe au Lait.  It is traditional.  It is delicious.  Everyone is ordering and eating them, piled on a tiny plate, covered with powdered sugar.  You start your day in New Orleans honoring the necessary tourist ritual and are fortunate you are with a New Orleansean who knows where to park!CafeauLaitBeignets