Hidden Pictures-Find the Neighbor’s Car

The shovel handle lets you see it’s not a Black and White photo. 19 inches and drifts much higher.  Tomorrow I’ll dig out my car.  Couldn’t make it up the hill last night so it’s down on Grafton flats.  Looks similar to this shot.

A bit of the license plate and the antennae visible, but that's about it.

8 thoughts on “Hidden Pictures-Find the Neighbor’s Car

  1. Very kewl: The only two color parts of the pic are the shovel and the part of the license plate that’s showing. Very nice!

  2. Beautiful to behold; best viewed from . . . Florida!

    I do miss the beauty of Winter sometimes and even more the serenity of the “hush” that accumulates with the snow.

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    From the Archives- February 2010
    Five years ago this was the winter scene on my street. Today it’s a “light dusting. ” Not sure if the groundhog’s prediction of six more weeks of winter is true but I hope we don’t have a repeat of Winter 2015.

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