15 thoughts on “Street Parking Placeholder

  1. This is great Ruth! It will give me courage to put something in my shoveled out place, when that happens!! I did get my car cleaned off yesterday, and some progress on the 3feet of snow ploughed against it! With any luck and work I might get clear before it starts again tomorrow!! In the meantime, YES! it is a beautiful day, sun shining brightly in my eastern facing kitchen and l.f. windows. No kids any more on this block of Howe, but what great snow for forts or snowmen!!!
    Love, Erica Maybe I’ll make a snowman!!! ????

  2. later, same day … my garbage can worked fine (to save a place)–
    and no worry about the finish!!

  3. Ruth – I love this picture! I agree, I think this IS a Pittsburgh thing. At least, I never saw this in Iowa and we sure get our share of snow there too. Hope you’re all snuggly and warm and enjoying the cancellations!

  4. Interesting photo. Anyone that digs out deserves their space…
    Lots of chairs on my street and Piles of snow–even between my driveway and the street; man made…See you next spring…

  5. I have a handicap parking space with a yellow curb,a pole with a sign and still put a chair out for those neighbors and their friends that can’t read when it snows!

  6. Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    I have enjoyed the light coming in my windows.
    The white light is uplifting.
    Love ya.

  7. Reblogged this on Ruth E Hendricks Photography and commented:

    Street Parking Space Savers- revisiting Snowmageddon 2010. Many people are experiencing more snow right now. So is it a Pittsburgh thing? You see all kinds of chairs reserving parking spaces all around the city after someone has shoveled out their space, planning to return to it, later.
    I have even see a port-a-crib to reserve a parking space!

  8. It’s a great idea! However, in our town, someone would move the chair and park the car at that spot, or someone would just take the chair 🙂

  9. It really sucks when you go through all that trouble & someone just swipes the spot. I guess that’s a disadvantage of street parking though. I personally wouldn’t risk my vehicle getting damaged & would never remove an item to get a spot. But – you know people probably do.

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