15 thoughts on “Dog Follows Rider in the Snow

  1. Well, Washington has had more snow this winter than eve before in history,and being home bound is not something most of us are used to.
    I haven’t made any pictures; I keep thinking I should but I am building a whole new website with all new galleries,
    so I have been tied to the computer. I love your winter scenes…,seems so normal to me….Marti

  2. this picture looks like something my crazy boys would do if they could – i do look forward to the daily pictures they make me smile – sue

  3. Your picture cheers my day. The dog looks like he’s saying “well I’mm going to follow no matter what.”

  4. Love the “tilt” to the photo!! Looks like I feel when I am out navigating the snow on foot here in Shadyside – it’s actually a bit scarey! The ploughs just arrived …Day 6!!

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    Reblogged from Feb 2010 Snowmageddon. German Shepherd and Biker.
    When I look at the comments from four years ago, I see Deb saw a snow heart in the tree. Happy Valentine’s. We’ve had lots of snow this year but never all at once like 2010.

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