10 thoughts on “City Bus Maneuvers Tight Turn in the Snow

  1. This street reminds me of my neighborhood in Rochester, New York. It looked like this most winters I lived there.

  2. both in your photo and words today: winter-in-the-City. Thanks for the visual and written reflections! The food bank and the blood bank are asking for help ……

  3. Nice photo from our walk yesterday. . . lots of unsung heroes in this kind of situation. And lots of folks who could use a hand.

  4. Reminds me of my winter days in Pittsburgh, but there would be no bus. Rather, picture a streetcar and streetcar rails your car would always get stuck in and streetcar wires crisscrossing above the roads.

  5. Ruthie, I am really sorry for you with all that snow! Here in British Columbia all the spring flowers are up, also the Japanese Cherry blossoms. It was 20 degrees celcius on Wednesday at noon.
    However, I must not sound smug! We lived in St. John’s, Newfoundland, for 25 years and sometimes had to emply a front end loader just to make room for our car at the end of the drive. We sympathize with you and yours’! We have been there.

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