Snowlamb in Workgloves on Bryant Street

Snowing again.  Late afternoon walked/trudged down Grafton Hill to the Smiling Banana Leaf for Vegetable Pad Thai takeout, the Walnut Market a couple of packages of frozen chopped spinach to make a pie & Breadworks bread. This little guy caught my eye.

Good thing there was a red wall so the flakes could be seen.

10 thoughts on “Snowlamb in Workgloves on Bryant Street

  1. Ruth: I look forward to your photos – I send them to family. This one is wonderful – a cheerful little snow animal.

  2. Love the pix, Ruth. Makes me feel as if I’m actually leaving my house. (Still no plow on our street! Mayor Luke, where are you??) Little lambs eat ivy–but not until spring!

  3. Ruth,
    So good to hear from you. Glad that you are out and about. Schools closed again tomorrow!!

  4. I know that this sounds obnoxious, but being a Bostonian who is currently living in Los Angeles, I really do miss the snow. As a teacher, I particularly miss SNOW DAYS!! Thanks for the memories!

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