Seeing a Zamboni for the First Time

When you are little there are lots of “firsts”.  First tooth, first words, first steps, first day of school, first time on skates, first time for any number of things.  As we age the number of “firsts” decrease. Everyone cleared the rink.  Michael was mesmerized by the “Mighty Machine” (his favorite show) that drove out onto the ice.  You see an ice machine the word Zamboni comes to mind.  He barely blinked as he watched the man drive the Zamboni around the ice.

Erika hoists Michael, skates and all, to watch the Zamboni clear the rink

6 thoughts on “Seeing a Zamboni for the First Time

  1. Truly enjoyed the list of firsts. I do not think I will feel limited by “age” and am working hard to stave off the possibility of medical “firsts” that will slow me down.

  2. I wonder what he thought of the big machine. Jack probably would of loved to see the zamboni also.

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