Four Deflated Snowmen Found on July First

Four Deflated Snowmen Found on July First.

Yes, it felt like 100 degrees in this heat wave.

At a high school grad party held at North Park Ice Rink.

No ice today.

Frank Zamboni, A Household Name

….at least the Zamboni part.

Frank Zamboni introduced the ice resurfacing machine in 1949.

The weekly photo challenge is names

Anyone who watches hockey has heard of the name Zamboni. I just like the sound of it. Who wouldn’t love to drive one around the ice? screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-11-12-23-pm

Ice Rink in New York City.


Ice Skating Saturday Night

Jack was invited to an  birthday party at the ice skating rink. He was so excited.   Mark took him.

We came an hour later for “free skate” but I didn’t don skates.

A good photo op for Grandma, who happened to have the real camera, not just the iPhone.

Lots of reflections, not enough light or too much light.

Made adjustments.

On the way home I got to photograph a brightly lit house display as I was in the passenger seat.

ice skating family




xmas house ohio

People and Windows- Gallery 4

People and windows. 

Taken Friday June 14th._10201585105255982


June 14, 2012 Visual Arts Room


MAura and Murphy in  window 2

Maura and Murphy at Aunt Linda’s



Concorde window

Pittsburgh Firefighter on South Side

Look what I came across tonight.  What a happy couple and now a happy family._1118280523728

Jane and Prem’ Wedding


diner  windowThrough a Diner Window- Queens NYC



fireman in windowPittsburgh Firefighter on the South Side



Breadworks delivery windowBreadworks Delivery and Barry’s Pub– South Side Pittsburgh


laura and James in windowMeeting Laura and James for breakfast at First Watch Worthington Ohio


Anna and Sock MOnkeyAnna finds her surprise sock monkey



Zamboni windowErika and Michael watch the Zamboni groom the ice   Columbus Ohio



shadyside windowShadyside Window by Ellsworth Avenue


watching traffic  windowWatching NYC traffic through a glass window



BLasfome windowMannequins AND real men on Carson Street South Side Pittsburgh



Charlotte wedding

Beautiful Valentine’s Day Bride



Sea Lion Viewing Window

Sea Lion Viewing Window  at the Zoo  Pittsburgh PA




Michael Photographs Through Glass at the Ice Skating Rink

Michael got a camera for Christmas from his other grandmother (F.F. Marlene), and was eager to try it out.  He was having fun at the Chiller rink on Friday .  Matthew skated up to the glass and smiled at Michael. Michael captured Uncle Matty’s image. He was so excited when he pressed the arrow and saw it on the screen.

Go Steelers!

Seeing a Zamboni for the First Time

When you are little there are lots of “firsts”.  First tooth, first words, first steps, first day of school, first time on skates, first time for any number of things.  As we age the number of “firsts” decrease. Everyone cleared the rink.  Michael was mesmerized by the “Mighty Machine” (his favorite show) that drove out onto the ice.  You see an ice machine the word Zamboni comes to mind.  He barely blinked as he watched the man drive the Zamboni around the ice.

Erika hoists Michael, skates and all, to watch the Zamboni clear the rink