Mesmerized by a Crane

IMG_7523IMG_7524IMG_7515We sat down to lunch at North Star on High Street in Short North.

Construction was happening all around.

Charlie couldn’t take his eyes off the giant crane as he nibbled on his quesadilla.

Later when we headed back to Laura’s, he saw a cement mixture going round and round.

Mighty Machines The Canadian Public Television program is one of his favorites to watch but Tuesday he had a front row seat and didn’t need a TV.


Seeing a Zamboni for the First Time

When you are little there are lots of “firsts”.  First tooth, first words, first steps, first day of school, first time on skates, first time for any number of things.  As we age the number of “firsts” decrease. Everyone cleared the rink.  Michael was mesmerized by the “Mighty Machine” (his favorite show) that drove out onto the ice.  You see an ice machine the word Zamboni comes to mind.  He barely blinked as he watched the man drive the Zamboni around the ice.

Erika hoists Michael, skates and all, to watch the Zamboni clear the rink