9 thoughts on “Finding Signs in the Snow

  1. this one makes me smile, nice contrast of signs captured here; the holy and the mundane.

  2. intriguing balance of verticals and horizontals – and the colors! But the gray of Mary’s stone – will try to remember Her rather than let the gray skies of this Winter win my attention and influence my mood! Such surprising things to meditate on each day after you photo arrives on screen!!!! Love Erica

  3. —-in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me – speaking words of wisdom, let it be!
    Let it be spring soon! The snow receding to reveal the green bushes is a sign, for sure!

  4. I’ve had enough too! I went out the other day and ventured around the neighborhood shooting…my camera of course! Iwent to places that I’ve always said, “I wonder where that road goes.” A whole new snow covered world to discover! Keep it up Ruth! Sanity is just around the corner!

    • Dear Germaine, I am so glad you were my teacher. Thank you for all you taught me at Manchester’s Craftsmen’s Guild.
      I am fortunate.

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