Wedding Flowers in the Snow

What photo to put up?  A dilemma. There’s the ongoing documentation of the storm, the damage done-  like the aluminum canopy over gas pumps all twisted as if in a tornado, buckled under the weight of the snow.  Or an Alpine mountain (i.e. huge pile) of snow that looks like Geology class. So many layers, the striations  from the different days. The bottom layer  almost black sedimentary rock-  coal!  A dusting of confectioner’s sugar on top.  The snow I shoveled today felt like the stuff in the movies, that ersatz fluff in the Nutcracker that floats down  onto the Snow Queen.  If you need to Create Fake Snow Falling from a Ceiling for a School Play there are instructions. Tomorrow’s  shovelfuls might be like concrete.  And it’s snowing as I think of what to share.  Lots of comments and emails about Spring and the hope for pictures with green in them.  Hmmm, what to do?  I’d set this up on my front porch after returning from a happy Valentine’s wedding in D.C., souvenirs from a lovely celebration.

Valentine's Wedding Flowers Charlotte and Joel's wedding February 14, 2010
Charlotte & Joel married on her Grandparents' Wedding Anniversary (wed 2-14-1942) Their photo on back of program

16 thoughts on “Wedding Flowers in the Snow

  1. The gorgeous red roses set against the white snow underneath and on the tree branches in the background, the wedding picture with it’s memories from earlier times and connection to the new bride and groom, the crisp white invitation with the red candy box peeking out from behind, and the pop of color from the pastel candy hearts —– you selected the right picture today!!! Got it all! Nice work, Ruth!!

  2. Toni, said it all. Beautiful! You have certainly diminished my cabin fever symptoms. Phil’s not looking quite so shifty.

  3. Such a nice way to start my Sunday: Double the pleasure – receiving the photo and then chuckling over your friends’ responses.

  4. The bride and groom will love this picture. The colors of the candy hearts look so pretty. The pictures you took of our wedding are still by far our favorites!

  5. I almost missed this one. All has been said above. But did anyone mention Russel Stover’s. I love Russell Stovers–dark chocolate, of course.

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