North Shore Riverwalk and Fort Duquesne Bridge

You can see the light poles partially submerged in the foreground, a random duck, the edge of grass meets the Allegheny River.  Shot Sunday evening. They say the worst is over now, the 10th St. Bypass reopened as the riverwater receded in the night.  A family of bicyclers were checking the flooding  at different points and said in front of Alcoa upriver the water was higher.  At this particular spot it was quiet, no rushing sounds. Get the specs on all the Bridges and Tunnels of Allegheny to learn the difference between a steel tied arch bridge and a steel bowstring arch bridge.

Just after dusk the Allegheny River flooding at West End Bridge

5 thoughts on “North Shore Riverwalk and Fort Duquesne Bridge

  1. –another amazing scene you capture and dstribute while we sleepy-heads are still in our beds. Thanks Ruth.

  2. these photos have finally jogged my memory of a WONDERFUL song by Antonio Carlos Jobim: the Waters of March!!! Google for many audio/video versions in Portuguese (yum) and English! Now, I will lay me down …… 🙂 thanks Bill!!

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