Incline by Daylight

Started Saturday at Sheraden’s Pancake Breakfast where Marianne is Kiwanis President.  It would have been the daffodils in the milkwhite vase and the syrup bottle still-life, a plate of pancakes.  Then drove north to Westview to document the  33rd Annual Eggmaking in West View.  Multiple batches of fondant poured onto marble slabs, turned with what looks like giant putty or plaster knives, each egg dipped in a giant bowl of chocolate, left to dry on wax paper. A 25 pound bag of Domino sugar in the trash.  Or today is grandson Jack’s third birthday and I washed all of his Dad’s and Uncle’s LEGO I finally found on the third floor. All color and suds photo in the farmhouse sink.  This photo caught as the  Duquesne Incline headed to the bottom station,freight train running under, shot from the gravel lot on Carson Street.

The usual view can be seen on the link listed.

12 thoughts on “Incline by Daylight

  1. Unusual shot!! Looks like it’s stuck there!
    We took many a third grade class on that tour of Pittsburgh and rode the incline!
    Also memories of date nights with Mike in the early 60’s!!! Dinner in Mt. Washington and a ride on the incline!!! Girls still wore high heels and dresses on those dates! Oh – I guess high heels are back. Not for me!!!

    • Toni, I think we shared a few memories of date nights at Mt. Washington and rides on the incline. I wondered whatever happened to you and your date Mike.

  2. unusual shot already said so I’ll have to think of something else to say–
    I like the contrast of ways to travel (whether people or ‘stuff’)and I like seeing the posts and trees beyond–sorta grounds me under a spring sky–NO SNOW!

  3. You realize, don’t you, Ruth, that you are creating a Photo-Essay Book on Pittsburgh 2010???
    Much more than coffee-table! I’m serious and PLEASE start looking for a Publisher!!! Loved
    Photo, was it yesterday, of the Art Gallery in the environs ….. this is great –houseinthesky!!

  4. I think Jack should take those clean legos and try to make the incline car – bet he could do it –

  5. Thanks for the memories! Fond childhood memories of going up the incline to spend the night with my aunt and uncle who lived on Mt. Washington and worked in the city below. And,as a young girl, at the end of another incline ride, a very special proposal at the top looking down over the twinkling city nightscape…followed by nearly 40 years together. Might just have to celebrate our 40th with another incline ride!
    I wondered what happened with Mike and Toni on their incline rides.
    Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful memories…even brought back the BUMP when you hit the stopper on the decent, the old wheels, the carved wood of the car, the swaying of the car and the clanging of the rail clogs.

  6. I especially liked the textures and the colors against the gray sky. Enjoyed everyone’s reflections on growing up in PA. 40 years and time passes so quickly.

  7. Just got back to the blog. Mike and I have been married for 44 years now. We have two children – one of each sex, three grandchildren (1 girl and 2 boys all under four) who live in The Netherlands, and one granddog. We are both retired, just got back from a trip to Switzerland with our son, his wife, and kids. Went a lot higher than our incline!!!! Dogsitting this weekend because our daughter and son-in-law are away!

    • Glad to hear from you, Toni. My proposal after a trip on the incline to the top of Mt. Washington has resulted in 40 years of marriage this June, 3 children, 3 granddaughters, 3 grandogs who we sometimes sit, and our one daughter & her family live in London. Also, we’ve enjoyed many, many cable car rides in Switzerland too. During one of these cable car rides in the Swiss Alps, we were shocked when half way up a man leaned from atop the cable car to speak with the driver!!! He was inspecting the cables…what a job!

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