Incline by Night Light

This is the Monongahela Incline by Station Square, just across Smithfield Bridge. Travels at 6 mph so hard to get it focused with the shutter open to allow enough light.

Pittsburgh Public Transportation has two inclines up to Mt Washington
Sunday night on the way home from Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Event.

14 thoughts on “Incline by Night Light

  1. OhmygoshRuth! a necklace or bracelet from Tiffany’s! [with a very personal “attachment”] !
    OR space travel, YES space trvel!!! is that a head in the middle window??? 🙂

  2. 6 mph is slow enough to fall in love. i want to be kissing on that incline! pgh has as much art, music and romance as paris!

    • You should read several of the comments on the “Incline by Day” photos. You’ll find your comment is very true.

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