Home Depot Sky Just After Dawn

Stop on the way to school Pick up contractor bags to  Spring clean the art room. They’re 3 ml thick.  Return to the car and remember in 6th grade 1963 our teacher, Mrs. Winona Stewart, had us read Salutation to the Dawn from Sanskrit.. “Look to this day for it is iife..”rain on the parking lot, Farmer's Market in the back,I wonder if it was part of the curriculum. Colors match the Home Depot and look fake.  Rain left wet parking lot to catch the reflection.

12 thoughts on “Home Depot Sky Just After Dawn

  1. Beautiful! And I love Dorothy’s milk box. Mom had one or two over the year’s. Meadowgold and Turner’s delivered milk and such to her. I think Turner’s was the last to deliver around here.

  2. Wow! You can even make Home Depot look great, Ruth. Beautiful picture!!
    In 1963, when you were in the sixth grade – I was already at Duquesne U. Graduated in 1965. Mrs. Stewart sounded like a special teacher. Quote is spot on!!! When I first started teaching at Madison School in 1965- there were two Mrs. Stewarts on the faculty.

  3. Ah yes, greet the day! And it is good to greet it with beauty like this! And to think all those benches waiting for pots of flowers and such to tempt us to be early bird gardeners! Thanks Ruth

  4. One of those situations we would most likely passed by when we were only using film.

  5. Love those colors. It’s a beautiful scene – as usual. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the city.

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