Front Lawn Outhouse

Mark says, “it looks like a picture some person took when they pulled over to the side of the road.”  Yep! That’s it.  Old Washington Ohio again. Sometimes you just aren’t sure why you  photograph something but you don’t want to regret that you didn’t later, so you shoot, look at the pictures later.  You respond to something you see.  Shoot it. And wonder.  What was someone thinking?  How did this come to be here? I know there is a backstory.  Aren’t outhouses usually in the back of the house?  Clearly whomever placed it here wanted people to see it.  And so you are…..

A creative writing prompt image.
Anyone with a guess what the story is on this one?

9 thoughts on “Front Lawn Outhouse

  1. hey ruth, what a riot! ok, it seems a little on the witch-y side of life? what is with the red mailbox/raincatcher/door knocker/tampon holder/fee collector…looking thing in the middle of the door. I have never in my 34 years ever seen the word woman written like that. would love to hear the real backstory to that one! post it if you find out!!!!

  2. This photo cracks me up…..especially the spelling of “woman”!
    I think someone just got fed up with sharing the inside bathroom,
    and said “one of us has got to go”….guess who lost paper-rock-scissors!?

  3. This one makes me laugh. I think someone has a sense of humor or wants to attract attention to their business of selling outhouses,customized with their own designs on the door. I’m old enough to have experienced daily use of an outhouse with a Sears catalogue handy. No waste in those days. We lived ‘green’ before anyone knew we needed to…

  4. the police tape! did someone try and use it? or did a nebby neighbor call code enforcement. the more rural it gets, i’ve driven past more than a few men taking a whizz outside – within feet of the door. the call of the wild, i guess. this is almost like an enlarged kitschy nick-nack that you buy at ‘south-of-the-border’. ruth, too cool. do you ever think of your photos as writing prompts for students? look at all the memories and connections you have sparked… you tinderbox, you.

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