Waiting for the School Bus

One day a baby, seems a blink ago &  now she’s waiting for this huge school bus to take her to Kindergarten. I packed her lunch. Walked her down to the corner.  I remember putting Laura on the school bus about 21 years ago for her first day of Kindergarten in Kentucky, I didn’t drive her there or walk her in. Just see ya later and waved– so long.  Her two older brothers were with her but it is interesting to review your own parenting as you spend time with your grandchildren. Or call it things you wish you had done differently now that you are older and have time to think about it.  Never had to ride a school bus growing up.  Kindergarten in Newark NJ, 1957, my mother taught in the same school and we went together everyday.

Off to Kindergarten on the school bus in early morning light.
Anna waits for the bus driver to stop, motion to her to cross and get on the bus. She looked really small in the bus window as they pulled away.

15 thoughts on “Waiting for the School Bus

  1. Anna – so tall with the beautiful hair!! The bus will be holding precious cargo!!
    I had a hop, skip, and a jump (I mostly skipped) to Kindergarten at Colfax School. I remember being scared and shy. I think the teacher’s name was Miss Stingcomb!!!
    Melissa’s first day was a walk up the hill to Minadeo. She wore a navy dress – white collar – and shoes like yours. Kindergarten teachers there were Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Morris. I think she had Mrs. Morris.
    Josie walks, bikes, or usually goes in the car to school. In The Netherlands they have two years of Kindergarten – as a four and a five year old. It starts after pre-school and they call it “big school”! They mostly come home for lunch there, so four times a day one can see parents on bikes with kids on the back riding to school. Lots of bikes. (I can’t imagine how they can fly around those streets!) Josie loves school! Don’t know her teacher’s name!!
    Little girls going to school – sweet topic – lovely picture!!!

  2. I didn’t go to kindergarten. We lived outside of town & there was no bus for a 1/2 day. I just got in a little station wagon when I was six & went to first grade.
    There was an assumption that that was normal and expected of children. I didnt know how to read but was the best reader in 2 months time.
    I dont think I suffered from just being expected to behave and to learn…

  3. Oh the memories….. My oldest 2, Jeff and Sarah, rode the bus to kindergarten. I wondered if that pit in my stomach would ever go away. By the time Will went to school, I was already teaching there so we all drove to school, including my 2 nephews. This is the first year I’ve driven myself. Jeff is at Penn State, and Sarah and Will are in high school. Time went so fast……

  4. This photo has feeling to it!
    And as already written it brings back memories to the viewer. I don’t remember my first day of school yet know my brother and I walked a mile each way for eight years then took the bus to high school. I was shy and my parents thought I wouldn’t like school but I did–and still do going to a Carlow poetry workshop at age 86…

  5. This is filled with so much energy Ruth! Brings back my own memories… Our mother took pictures of us every year on the first day of school!

  6. What great memories you bring back for me! I can vividly remember a slide and the girl infront of me in her gorgeous green suede shoes. I coveted those shoes.
    Bob and I have walked with our granddaughter to her “primary” school in London. Now she rides her Christmas present, a scooter, to school like her classmates. “Primary” school is equivalent to pre-school stateside. In September Olivia begins “Reception” which is our kindergarten. She is quiet happy with tea time, biscuits, lifts, bonnets and all the other things British in her life, including her school.

  7. I remember not liking kindergarten because I was too young 4 and a half. My kids seemed to love it. Anna does look so grown up – I always say enjoy them while they’re young cause they grow up so so fast

  8. At first, I thought this was Laura!!! Wasn’t she [about] this age that day you were moving into the house of Howe? So sweet…… my memories and this current photo of Anna. What memories, I can hardly go there…..

  9. Love this picture. So nice with Anna in focus and the bus in the background. Very poignant. Can’t believe the first year of school is almost over.

  10. Ruth, what a beautiful and artistic photograph. I love the bright colors and crisp focus on Anna versus the blurred background and school bus. I also find the angle to be quite interesting. I wish I could get my photos to be this striking.

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