Reservoir at Dusk; Signage & 2 Ducks

Highland Park Reservoir Monday evening, just before dark.  Lots of people walking the perimeter in the summer-like weather. A few years ago there was a plan to cover the reservoir but a filtration system was installed instead. Scroll down for two ducks look like three.

Makes me think when I read the sign. Wonder if it does same for others. Looks like some ignore the sign.
Focusing on Duck in Center and another flew by so caught the duck and shadow
Two ducks look like three as second flew into the frame.

7 thoughts on “Reservoir at Dusk; Signage & 2 Ducks

  1. Wonderful –love lights of sky / electricity and reflections in water ….. welcome back after Spring break …glad you did not take a photo break!!!! 🙂


  2. Neat picture of “three” ducks. Perfect timing!
    It is difficult to believe that the teachers make up snow time and the kids don’t. Isn’t it about the number of education days for the kids???


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