Morning Light, Evening Light-Flowering Pears

You hear a lot about people working twelve hour days.  Every day.  I feel fortunate 8 is what’s required.  We made up a snow day Tuesday, staying until 7.   It was a beautiful day as I saw the beginning and the end of it at school, sky clear and blue.  Morning view from the East End of the school and evening view from the West End.  Out for a fire drill today I heard the clock chime like Westminster and didn’t even know it had that feature.  Really amazing to hear as we stood with the kids in a wiggly line, getting a headcount and waiting to be called back into the building.

Ft. Pitt School is a little over 100 years old. You can see they cleaned the brick.
Flowering pear trees before sunset at school
Coming out the driveway on the other side I saw this angle and light.

10 thoughts on “Morning Light, Evening Light-Flowering Pears

  1. Didn’t know you taught at such a beautiful school or at least the artist in you makes it look beautiful morning and evening. The white blossoms add a lot too.

  2. Nice pictures, Ruth!!! I think the morning one is my favorite – full of promise for the day ahead! But tests – not something to look forward to on a beautiful day!!!!! Good luck!

  3. Its good to know that Pittsburgh takes care of its old schools…a lovely, timeless (no pun intended) structure.
    The only I remember about testing was that it excited to do my best, to prove myself & I guess because of that thinking, I did well.
    Im not quite sure how kids think about those ‘big’ tests today….

  4. Talk about symbolism! Beauty and truth, YES! Gorgeous shot. Love, and thanks. Lois

  5. STATE TESTS….I remember kids crying, giving make-up tests to those who were “sick” and didn’t come to school on testing day. Stress tests all the way!!
    Your school is beautiful. I worked at Langley HS and always thought it was a beautiful building despite the dark, stained exterior.

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