What I Found Right in the City

For all your taxidermy needs, right in Carrick along Brownsville Road.  Seeing this surprised me.

What do you want to be when you grow up? No student ever replied "taxidermist!"

5 thoughts on “What I Found Right in the City

  1. Once when I took an art course I din’t learn to produce great art but I learned to see…And you certainly have the quality to see Ruth–and share what you see with us. Thanks.

  2. taxidermy is a dieing art!! (no pun intended)
    I have a pheasant, a chicken & a rooster in my house because of taxidermy…
    There are 2 very long stories attached to those critters. Hadnt considered the possibilities of a turkey…..

  3. i wonder if that’s the turkey i saw in the tree in our yard a few years ago – maybe – it is art and i kinda like it ok – i do like it

  4. In the city? We had a store, now closed, in our town that had a bear and a deer just sitting in the window looking at the people who passed by.

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