Flatiron Building, Downtown Pittsburgh

When I hear Flatiron,  I think New York City and according to Wikipeida the NYC one was built in 1902.  This flatiron shaped building in Pittsburgh is listed as being built c.1885.  Triangular buildings and other odd shaped structures are listed at waymarking.com.

At the corner of Liberty and Seventh Downtown Pittsburgh

7 thoughts on “Flatiron Building, Downtown Pittsburgh

  1. This photo makes me think of Shalit’s Drug Store in Morristown. Morristown makes me think of oh so many other things too.

  2. what a neat angle. i wonder what the rooms are like inside.
    my freshman dorm was pie shaped!

  3. triangle – hmmm – makes me think of Paul Revere’s hat – love the picture and love that building

  4. Before opening the picture from Pittsburgh, I thought I’d be viewing the Golden Triangle. This building surprised me!

  5. isn’t the upmc building downtown a triangle too? i also am curious to see the rooms inside

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