Classic Corner Drugstore

Received  a comment from Gail yesterday that the triangular building downtown reminded her of Shalit’s Drugstore in Morristown where we went to HS.  So when I saw this corner drugstore tonight on the way home from the All City HS Art Showcase, I stopped to photograph it. Looks like I’m in the middle of traffic. Camera propped against a light pole, cable remote.   Seems the CVS, Eckerds,  Walgreen’s eat up all the independents but this one’s still open in Bloomfield on the corner of Penn Ave and Main St.

Bloomfield Pittsburgh Old Fashioned Drugstore
A busy corner, a block from the new Children's Hospital.

7 thoughts on “Classic Corner Drugstore

  1. This one reminds me of Mr Mumma’s in Morris Plains. Giant candy bars on sale for 5 cents. You could get a whopping stomach ache for less than a dollar. How I wish we had photos of all our “old” spots. Your photography captures such important pieces of life. Thank you so much for starting each day so wonderfully.

  2. i remember when those small stores were all over the place – i miss the personal service and the fact that the pharmacist knew who you were – i like how the store stands out

  3. Growing up, our local drug store even had a soda fountain. You could get chocolate cokes and sit at a little table or the counter to enjoy them. I can’t relate to the reference to white envelopes and the hand written instructions, however.

  4. Oh gosh, that gave me a great old memory, growing up in Leavenworth, KS…….I tasted my first Cherry Coke at Rexall’s Pharmacy. Everyone knew
    everyone else, and gathered for socializing. I remember those little envelopes with a couple of pills. Thank you, Ruthie!

  5. At our corner drugstore in Portland, ME, I loved the rainbow sherbet and the root beer floats(25 cents).

    Downtown was a triangle shaped drugstore- Hayes, if I can remember back that far…..

    Next door to the Portland Art Museum( I.M. Pei design building of a ship), but drugstore long gone.

    Thanks for the memory!

    ps. Love the lights

  6. Heading back to Morristown for the 50th (1964) reunion. Shalits was right on the point on Speedwell Ave. Later to gain fame with Gene Shalit who’s father owned the drug store.

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