Essie’s Original Hot Dog Shop since 1960

The semester done, Oakland sidewalks and streets deserted. We’d driven Laura and James to the South Side to meet Celeste. On the way back I was a passenger and got a few views of The “O”or “The Dirty O”  at the corner of Bouquet St. and Forbes. Through the windshield at the red light. Caught the close-up as the light turned green. Three towers of dorm behind.  Scroll down for both views.  If you are into hot dogs, this is the place. And a mountain of fresh fries spilling out onto the tray. I am sure there are plenty of stories.  Late night adventures at the “O”.

Everything seems empty without the students.
Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland at the University of Pittsburgh
Neon lights wrap around the corner at Forbes and Bouquet Streets.

3 thoughts on “Essie’s Original Hot Dog Shop since 1960

  1. My kids and I were just talking about the fact that I’ve never been to the O – they keep promising to take me when they come in – we’ll see – i love how it stands out in the dusk

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