Shooting the Cathedral

of Learning.  The multiple reflection in the windows of the Katz School of Business at Pitt. A self-portrait. Just dropped off disc for the WesternPAWritingProject Poe*Art event from last Saturday.

Cathedral of Learning University of Pittsburgh
Walking back to my car, I saw the multiples in the Katz School of Business Bldg.

10 thoughts on “Shooting the Cathedral

  1. this picture is so cool – the reflection of the cathedral and all – you’re lookin’ good Ruth E

  2. I often wish I could see what you see, and share how you saw. Thanks for dropping off the disc and sharing the photo. Yet another amazing shot.

  3. Ruth, While I was at Pitt ( and still) the Cathedral was my favorite building! My dad chose his office in his building downtown because he could see the Cathedral from it and “keep an eye” on me!! I love this picture and the memory it brought! Thanks
    Love, Lara

  4. Ruth! Look at you: poised to capture for the rest of us – hunter-gatherer, water-girl – so obedient to this gift of yours – a vessel gathering and pouring out. Your stance says it all – willing to be an invisible messenger. The other half of your very social, personable, drawn-to-connect face-to-face self. Isn’t this cool how this stream has developed? I hope you never stop. Love you, a.

  5. Forgotten times just jumped back into my mind to include my memories of going to class in that vast building. The first floor lobby was like a Gothic church. It’s as if the building was a physical tribute to learning and it enveloped me. My professor was Pakastani and I remember learning so much about her “unusual” culture that semester way back in 1960 something.

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