Forbes Digital Plaza at Bouquet Street

I was parked at the curb. Thought I was hearing an electronic musician.   When I saw the huge screen I had to

get out of the car and document what turned out to be Forbes Digital Plaza
on the way home it started to pour. Good thing Steve was driving. East Liberty Intersection.

People at Work Series

Not sure what number of the photographic series but Saturday morning I was in Oakland,(Pittsburgh) shopping at Top Notch Art Store for the 40% off sale on the Prismacolor Pencils-

and all of a sudden the driver of a USPS truck is waving at me.

I looked  through the door to the silhouette and and recognized him.

He pulled around to the curb and it was fun!  I’d never seen him at work.  I learned about the

OD green boxes on the corners.  Working all day Saturdays.

Thanks for letting me photograph you, Greg. You are always nice to me about my photography!

Greg Mutinelli USPS

Essie’s Original Hot Dog Shop since 1960

The semester done, Oakland sidewalks and streets deserted. We’d driven Laura and James to the South Side to meet Celeste. On the way back I was a passenger and got a few views of The “O”or “The Dirty O”  at the corner of Bouquet St. and Forbes. Through the windshield at the red light. Caught the close-up as the light turned green. Three towers of dorm behind.  Scroll down for both views.  If you are into hot dogs, this is the place. And a mountain of fresh fries spilling out onto the tray. I am sure there are plenty of stories.  Late night adventures at the “O”.

Everything seems empty without the students.
Essie's Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland at the University of Pittsburgh
Neon lights wrap around the corner at Forbes and Bouquet Streets.