Old Fashioned Rose Bouquet in Candlelight

Book club tonight,  I hosted.  And Then We Came to An End by Joshua Ferris.  Recommend if you work in an office or a cubicle, author nails office culture and characters in an economic downturn, lots of seemingly authentic people inhabit the book. Well written.  Joan brought a mixed berry pie from Patty’s Farm Market and some vanilla gelato.  Sliced Pink Lady apples and Cabot sharp cheddar.  Guacamole and white corn chips. Tess picked lovely roses from her garden and brought the bouquet in a vase. The smell permeated the living room. After everyone left, I lit a couple of candles to photograph them. There are more than 450 varieties of roses that start with the letter B. If you want to grow them click here

a bouquet of roses from Tess's garden, candlelight image
My Grandmother Hendricks crocheted the doily. I love that word.

7 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Rose Bouquet in Candlelight

  1. Love the feeling of summer in the photo. Thanks for hosting Ruthie, had a lovely time. Good food and book. Great company.

  2. The Dutch like their homes to be “gezellig”! The closest English traslation is cozy. They want a home to be cozy and warm. They always have candles and flowers – roses are popular. This picture reminds me of that — gezellig!!!

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